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Second Site Clean UP September 29, 2002

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Walt W7ALT and Charlene KC7RQF, Many Thanks.

Sunday Sept 29, 2002 Walt W7ALT and Charlene KC7RQF went to the site to work on the final five clean up items listed in the Forest Service Inspection Report.
The association thanks Walt and Charlene for essentially completing the check list of items to be repaired.  The Forest Service has been notified of completion of all site maintenance items with the exception of painting the equipment building.


Walt replacing some screws in the lower building vent.


Walt reparing the battery box under the shack.  The box was coming unglued with open joints.  It needed to be sealed up so the snow wouldn't blow in.


Excess coax from the Packet Cluster needed to be gathered up and hung under the shack.  That cable still needs to be shortened but at least Walt secured it possible for the winter.


Thanks Charlene, photographer extrordinaire.