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Net controls needed.

Secretary Gene KC7VBO reports that the Crackerbarrel group badly needs additional Net Controls.  This is an interesting challenge, one night a week would be good.  If interested please let Gene Know, he's net control two nights a week and he says it's putting too much pressure on him.

SSRA business net.

Check in to the Spout Springs Repeater Association Net every first and third Wed. at 7:30 PM.  All Hams are invited.  The SSRA President is net control for this net.  Any business is handled during this net but is also used for any general information regarding weather and road reports, equipment reports reports of the officers and directors ETC.



Net control Ken KD7FYR
The weather net is conducted daily at 6 AM all radio amateurs within range of the SSRA repeater are invited to report weather and road conditions daily. Ken sends the data you provide to the Oregon Emergency Net who, in turn, reports the data to the National Weather Service.

CRACKER BARREL NET: This is a fun net! Each weekday evening at 8PM join this great RAG CHEW net. The net control changes at least weekly and every evening participants are asked a general question. There's nothing contriversial just fun.