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Welcome to our club web site!

The SSRA was created as a way of assuring operation of the two meter repeater 146.20/80 located at the 5400 ft. level(add 100 ft for the tower for 5500 ft.) in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon at Spout Springs. This is about half way between Weston and Elgin, Oregon on highway 204.

Because of the altitude and location the repeater covers a very large area, Spokane to the North, Hood River to the West, Baker City to the Southwest, Joseph and Enterprise to the SE and high Idaho points to the East.

This is a popular repeater for travelers on I-84 and other major highways in the area because of the coverage. Repeater Association members are sensitive to weather related concerns and are often heard assisting travelers. Truckers that are licensed Hams are great at passing on road and weather conditions on to others throughout the day and night.


Due to interference from the powerful Fox TV transmitter next to the SSRA site,it was necessary to tighten the squelch on the repeater making it difficult for mobiles and low power stations to "hit" the repeater. In order to overcome this, the Technical Director installed a squelch by-pass circuit using a 100 Hz tone. Please do not use the tone unless it's needed for you to access the repeater.  Fixed stations in general do not need to use the tone.  Certain mobiles in fringe areas probably will need to use the tone.