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History of the Association and earlier.

I make no claim to accuracy here. The information provided I believe to be true. If you know otherwise please let me know and I'll enter proper corrections. This may seem segmented at first and as time goes on I hope it's more complete.

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Prior to the association: It's my understanding Gene Wilson W7FRM initially established the repeater at the Spout Springs Ski Area. I'm posting an aerial photo of that site on the photo page(s) .Gene and his wife Virginia KA7DKR (both SK) owned the radio station in Enterprise, Oregon.

I don't know at what point the repeater became associated with "The Tri-State Repeater Association" in Spokane but as pointed out elswhere on this site Tri-State owned the repeater prior to SSRA's purchase. When the repeater was acquired from Tri-State the frequency was 146.19/79. That Frequency was changed when the entire state went from a 30 kHz split to a 20 kHz split to provide more repeater frequency pairs.

When Tri-State owned the repeater, and I have no specifics, there were disagreements on how the repeater should be operated. It seems to me a problem developed when Tri-State wanted to link the Spout repeater to it's other repeaters. The locals, I believe, did not want to link because there was already considerable traffic on the Spout repeater and the feeling was, linking would just cause confusion and difficult access for the Spout area hams. The locals organized, headed pretty much by the La Grande Amateur Radio Club to offer to buy out Tri-State. An agreement was reached and the locals paid Tri-State $1000 for the repeater.

The La Grande Amateur Radio Club was instrumental in creating a constitution and getting the Repeater Association incorporated as a non-profit corporation. After some research it was decided to incorporate in the state of Washington simply because it was much cheaper.

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